I’m a competitive League of Legends player and like the title suggests I had recently a very positive experience with a service that usually has a stigma around it which after my encounter I think is unwarranted.

I’m talking of course about elo boosting and if you are not aware of the term it entails the process of ranking up your League of Legends account through the help of expert LoL boosting platforms and the high elo professional players that work for them.

I played League of Legends for almost 5 years now and I never thought about getting an elo boost before seeing my account decayed to platinum. After dedicating thousands of hours to the game I managed to reach my diamond goal earlier during the year but thanks to an increased workload and exams I had to stop playing League and unfortunately got relegated to platinum.

I wasn’t in a position where I could play any games at all but I also didn’t want my account to derank further so after some deliberation and research I decided to get an elo boost from the most professional looking platform, so I went with Eloboostleague.com.

Like I mentioned their website made a very good first impression on me and even though I was feeling hesitant about the decision of getting a lol boost I’m now thankful for going through with it.

They had a very modern and fast interface and all the info was conveniently placed for me to see. I only wanted to get back to diamond in a reasonable timeline and I wasn’t really planning anything past that so after exploring a bit and looking at their faq and terms and conditions I placed a 5 win platinum win order which from my calculation would be enough for my account to be back to diamond.

eloboostleague elo boost

I didn’t know how to proceed after, so I contacted the live support and after they assured me they were legit and that I would be assigned a booster very fast I felt reassured.

After about 15 minutes I got an email notification that I was assigned and that I could talk with my booster in the member area. The individual was very polite and helpful, he answered a few questions and I found out he was a high elo challenger player that had an extensive background of over 5 years as a booster.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to spectate the games as I would have wanted but after a couple of hours I got another email notification informing me that my order was completed.

I quickly went to OP.GG to check and see if that was true and my jaw just dropped once I saw the match history. He won 5 quick games all under 30 minutes with insane KDA, around 15-20 kills every single game and no more than a few deaths, I was very impressed with that level of performance.

eloboostleague lol boost

 I then realized even though he played with VPN and offline mode as their rules clearly dictate my friends would possibly question me about the manner of how the games were won and the champions used. He played mostly Kha’zix and Rek’sai and I very rarely play those champions and unfortunately I didn’t notice their extra options on their order page until after the order was completed. They had an option where I could choose the champions roles and summoners, one where I could select it and the booster KDA would be “normalized” and even a streaming option which I could watch if I had the time or at least look at the vod later.

Apart from that little mishap on my part I was extremely pleased with the entire experience, I was back to diamond in just over 3 hours and It didn’t even put a significant dent in my flimsy student wallet.

Fast forward almost 1 month and I finally was able to have some free time and so I started playing League again. I was excited to be back again but due to the long break I was performing well under the level I was when I got to diamond. I lost a bunch of games at 0 lp and unfortunately got demoted to platinum. I felt pretty bad about it, I didn’t give up and continued playing but even when my level of play was slowly getting better I was getting very unlucky with teammates and one of those games particularly tilted me.

I wanted to keep playing but I stopped before re-queueing after noticing I was at p1 0lp and as I didn’t want to demote to p2 I took a moment to analyze what was happening and I realized that I was doing something wrong, and I was just about to demote again because of it.

I was feeling like I didn’t have a good enough grasp on the meta and I didn’t know what I was supposed to do in specific moments in the game.

Then I remembered the boost I got the month before and I remember they also had a duo queue option on their site. I was feeling a bit hesitant because I always saw others who got boosted in a negative light  but I decided to just see how it feels for a few games and If I feel like a burden I would stop.

So I went back to Eloboostleague.com and I messaged the customer support and to my surprise they remembered me and when I asked for the same booster I had initially Harry they told me that was no problem and that I had to write his name in the notes.

When I was placing the order I remembered to look at the extra options this time and I saw a particularly interesting one “coaching” which I added to my 3 duo queue platinum games.

eloboostleague cheap boostI made the order and I quickly got assigned to Harry and we started playing right away while communicating on voice chat.

He had a very calm voice and asked me a bit about my background as a player and what roles I wanted to play. I explained I was a jungler main and that I would like to learn how to play jungle more efficiently and that ever since I came back from my hiatus I was struggling a bit and also I wasn’t very lucky with teammates.

He said he was a jungler main too, but he had no issue at all playing all the roles, so he went midlane while I went jungle. I picked graves and he told me the current optimal jungle path and what lane to gank and play around. I was playing like I had a plan and it felt great. I was more confident and I knew exactly what to do in order to win the games because I knew who to gank what objective to go for and when to invade.

He won midlane hard and even though I didn’t gank for him at all. I farmed extremely well and got a few ganks off bot and top together with an early dragon.

We won that game and the next two ones with such an ease it almost felt like not even playing League. I was experiencing how the game should be actually played and he through his coaching and guidance I was feeling that I could see the bigger picture and that my game was improving while playing with him.

I wasn’t feeling that I was a weight at all, I didn’t hard carry like he would, but I was definitely doing my part and had pretty good KDA and damage numbers, so I wanted to continue playing with him and ordered 5 more games as winning those would put me into diamond again.

I don’t think I ever felt as focused or as in-control as in those games, we made a very good duo and won every single one of them by playing mid and jungle.

I had 1 bad game but in the remaining ones I was performing at a very high level thanks to his constant guidance and he did very well on mid winning and influencing the map constantly with his roams.

I got to diamond and it didn’t eloboostleague fast boostfeel like I was hard carried without me doing anything. I played decently well and thanks to his coaching I looked at the game differently from that point on.

The next day I wanted to play on my own and try out how it feels to be playing the game with the same approach I had when I was duoing with him and even though I started off a bit slow I won most of the games I played that day and made a solid solo climb.

During the next few days I managed to climb by my own to d3 and even though I lost the promo to d2 I felt like if I had a day or two more to practice I would have for sure gotten it.

I haven’t had much time to play the game recently but It’s safe to say when I will I’ll go and play again with him and try to make a go for high diamond by the end of the season.

As my final conclusion my experience with elo boosting and specifically Eloboostleague.com was very positive and although I didn’t see myself considering a  lol boosting service before circumstances made me reconsider my stance and I’m glad I did. Not only because they did an awesome job with the decayed account but also the duo queue coaching games made me look at the game completely differently now and that combined with playing matches with higher ranked players made me considerably improve as a player.