I started playing overwatch since open beta, I consider myself a pretty competitive player and I even peaked Diamond this season, yet I was unable to keep my rating no matter how hard I tried.

Through watching OWL and pro players streams on Youtube and Twitch I thought I was improving but that was not actually the case. The method that made me change my mindset after so many years and significantly improve was actually the direct duo coaching from one of the grandmaster players on Overwatchboosters.com

I was never a mechanically gifted player but mostly thanks to grinding out I managed to reach a respectable Diamond rating, but recently I was in a rut and that I couldn’t pull myself from so after countless hours browsing and watching guides, tricks and tips on how to improve I decided to give coaching a shot.

I went ahead and got a few expensive coaching sessions from an ex pro player which gave me a slightly different perspective towards the game but even though I studied the notes and was doing my best to remember the things I’ve been told it felt like I just couldn’t apply then in-game.

Then one of my friends told me about a platform he used to improve his gameplay considerably and as I knew him well and since he was lower than me for a long time and just recently he surpassed in rating I got curious and decided to check it out.

Once I saw it was mostly an ow boosting service I had my doubts about how I could improve but my friend told me to just give it a try and see how their duo queue coaching worked for me.

I decided I’ll test it for a few games and thought it could do no harm at the very least I was going to play with a grandmaster player so even if his coaching might not be for me I would still learn something just from playing.

Their site was pretty well-made as I could easily select the duo order I had in mind and add the extra coaching option. I also remembered to ask in notes for the booster Sam as he was the one who coached my friend.

Shortly after placing my order I got an e-mail notification of assignment and then after asking their live support how I go about contacting him they quickly instructed me how to reach their member area and be able to communicate with my booster.

Once I was all set up and talked with the booster we jumped on voice comms and grouped in-game.

He sounded calm and collected and asked me a few questions about my background and what type of player I am, I told him I’m mostly a DPS player that I’ve been playing for a long time but recently I wasn’t doing too great and I didn’t know why.

We talked a bit about what would be the hero choice in different scenarios while we were in select screen then once I picked my Ashe he told me how to play in that specific map and once we seen enemy heroes how to properly teamfight against them.

He was constantly calling out things he was about to do or what the enemy team was likely to do and it was something incredible like he could see into the future.

While doing that he was also micro-managing me by telling me what I should do in a specific scenario or if I should look to switch my hero or change my approach.

We won that game pretty handily and I felt satisfied not about the win but because It give me a different perspective and it felt like I always had a plan or knew what would the enemy most likely do so nothing really caught me by surprise anymore

Overwatchboosters before SR boost

We won the next couple of games also and It felt so smooth. He was giving me constant feedback, sometimes I would have issues concentrating on it and the game but honestly I didn’t mind it. 

I was getting so much useful information and real-time feedback that I noticed even in-game instilling positive habits.

 After 3 quick wins and having had such a great time with him I decided to order a couple more and we end up winning all of them  while having great communication between us and our team.

Those games had a way bigger impact than I initially thought and that form of real-time coaching was by far more beneficial for me compared to the previous expensive traditional session with the ex-pro.

Overwatchboosters after SR boosting

before and after the duo games

I then went ahead and played a few games solo, and while the memory was still fresh I approached them as I would if Sam was playing with me and I was constantly thinking what would he do in this scenario.

gained about 80 SR in total that session which I was very happy about, but I felt like I was still very much at the hands of my team and some games were just unwinnable no matter how hard I tried because even if just 1 player was tilted or didn’t wanna try to win,I would mostly lose.

I then thought of getting a fresh new start on my smurf account and give it my all there. Given the fact that I wanted to give myself the best start possible I then decided to go ahead and visit Overwatchboosters.com and I had Sam play my placements for me.

Since the placements were the most important games of the season I didn’t really have an issue with getting a boost since it would just spare me of so much headache and countless hours spent just climbing in low rating where I could just feel the most I played there the more I was becoming worse at the game.

Overwatchboosters reliable SR boost

The staff was very helpful and answered quickly every question or concern I had. They took every precaution to make sure my account was 100% secure in the process by playing with a VPN of my choice and using offline mode in-game.

Sam started just minutes after my order was placed and unfortunately I forgot to select their streaming extra option thus I couldn’t spectate. I only selected the extra option “Specific Heroes” which allowed me to pick the heroes I wanted the booster to play but sadly only later I noticed their streaming option.

I was getting progress update after every game in the site’s “member area” and I was seeing only wins. After around 5-6 hours I got an email notification informing me that my order was completed. I then logged on my account and I saw 10/0 record which was awesome and the perfect head start for my fresh climb on my smurf.

Overwatchboosters impressive SR boost

before and after the placement games

Overwatchboosters fast boost

The booster also played the heroes I selected and answered every question I had about them afterwards.They also gave me a couple of cool potg as a bonus. Only real regret I had was me not seeing the streaming option so I could see the vod and hear the commentary.

I then started to play on my account on my own and I tryharded and played at a level I never thought I was able to before and got 5 wins in a row to break diamond on my smurf and was very close to reaching my all time high. After a few though games I was stabilizing my gains again and was in master reach but I couldn’t get it that day.

In the next couple of days I grinded out games intensively and with some further advice from Sam I finally managed to reach Master which was a huge goal of mine.

I’m extremely happy I decided to give duo coaching a chance, I don’t think any other coaching or improvement methods were working on me as I got so much more from direct-input coaching which was clearly best suited for me.

Each player is different in its own way and I realize my own experiences don’t apply to all but if you ever feel like I was like no method of improvement really works, try duoing with a grandmaster player and see how that feels, they clearly know what works in the game and their experience is so valuable and if you give them a try I’m sure just by playing with one of them will change your perspective and improve your gameplay.

What I got to conclude after all this is if you are looking to get as much as possible from such an experience and try out a grandmaster who is actually a skilled coach too I recommend going on Overwatchboosters.com and book a few duo queue games with Sam and I guarantee you will see a significant improvement if you are willing to listen.