After so many years of playing League of Legends, Riot didn’t implement yet a way of you going offline mode in the game.

We all know that sometimes you don’t wish your friends to know that you are playing League, you just want to do some solo games without having to give an explanation to your friend list who always wants to play with you, or you’re in on of those days that you don’t want to duo with anyone and want to play ranked games alone and tryhard without having to be chatting with your friend during all the game, you just want to listen to some good music and enter the rift.

Most of the games these days already have implemented the offline mode feature where you can play the game but your profile will be shown as offline, it’s true that via OP.GG your friends can still check either if you’re playing or not, but still, an offline mode feature should have been added to League of Legends for a while.

Obviously, there are 3th party software online that you can use to show your profile in League as offline, but these are not supported by Riot even though Riot doesn’t ban you or applies any restriction to your account if you use them.

Would be nice to have the option inside League client, instead of searching and install a new program for such feature in the game, having a button inside league client where you can choose your status as ” Online” or ” away” or ” offline” would be so much easier for everyone and I’m sure a lot of people will use it, we can see by threads created on forums that a lot of players have been chatting and asking for offline mode feature for while, but Riot still didn’t add it, not sure why.

There are some basic features that all other games have such as, offline mode, two-factor authentication that League of Legends which is one of the most played games in the world doesn’t have it yet, we all appreciate Riot launching new games and good ones, but updating old clients from their games will also be good for everyone.