“Disrespectful & unreliable service”


During my search for the best boosting sites, I decided to put eloboost24.eu to the test next and find out for myself the exact quality and value of their service.

In this review, I will talk about the key elements of my experience with eloboost24 and hopefully make you reach a decision if you were feeling indecisive about hiring them for their so-called expertise.


First thing I notice as soon as I opened their website is the very loud customer support chat alert that popups and auto writes you letting you know it’s there. Moving past that I proceed to check their order tab to see the prices and packages then -after shortly deciding on the one I was interested in- placing the order.
Since a g2a purchase was my only viable payment method I went with it but had issues with my order getting accepted by the service for unclear reasons.

After contacting the support staff I’ve been instructed to directly pay through PayPal to an address they provided which raises the question why wouldn’t they have a direct PayPal method? I never had issues with payments before but I guess there’s a first time for everything.
They converted the amount I transferred to their website currency option “gift points” which I could then use to finish the order process.
A couple hours passed by and I got finally assigned to a booster, and even though it was not the fastest service I’ve encountered I was feeling optimistic that he would start and complete the order shortly.

I was mistaken, their website didn’t actually update the member area chat once I’ve been assigned and I had to manually refresh the page to actually see the message from the booster telling me that he would go to sleep and start on my boost when he will wake up.

I felt it was unprofessional of him to do such a thing and makes me wonder why would he take the order if he wasn’t planning to start right away? I’m sure there were multiple boosters online and one of them could play at that time.

I brought that to the attention of the customer support after seeing that the booster already disconnected from the chat. The support staff told me that it was and I quote “normal” for the booster to go to sleep at that hour and when I asked him why would he take the order if he wasn’t going to play I got ignored.

The following day the booster started the order finally but I wasn’t there to spectate most of the games due to the fact I’ve already gone to sleep. I was disappointed since I always look forward in viewing and learning from the games the booster plays…

Looking at the match history I saw that the booster won the first 2 games performing as expected but he lost the next 3 having a very poor performance one you wouldn’t really expect from a challenger in low elo.
After that, he won most of the games and finished the boost in the same day, but I suspect there was a booster change since after the 3 losses he all of the sudden started playing different roles/champions with improved performance.

I will now classify my experience with eloboost24.eu in the following categories:

Performance – 2 out of 5 stars – The booster won most of their matches but he lost 3 in a row displaying a very bad showing. I’m confident that he was not even close to challenger level.
Speed – 2 out of 5 stars – Even though completed in little over 1 full day, there was too much downtime between my order getting assigned and the booster actually starting it.
Communication – 1 out of 5 stars – The fact that I got ignored when I asked why was my order assigned without my booster actually being able to play showed me a big lack of professionalism from their support staff.
Price – 3 out of 5 stars – They had slightly lower than average rates but once I’ve experienced the quality level of their service I’m now convinced they are overpriced.

Summarizing my experience I was disappointed to say the least at the lack of professionalism of the customer staff, the lax behavior and poor performance of the booster.
I was being ignored by the customer support/booster and I felt that my order had little to no priority in their minds thus I can’t recommend this service to anyone who values their time and money!