” Still the best service with awesome updates done on their website”
After testing eloboostleague.com 2 years ago, I decided to purchase a boost this time on my main account for this pre season to test them before season starts, since I will be buying a boost once season starts to raise my rank to where I was last season.

I’ve opened the website and was amazed, they did some really good updates on their website, much faster than before to navigate, super easy to select the order you wish to purchase and all the options that you can imagine to use on a league boosting are now live too, specific champions, normalize score, solo boost and streaming.
I can see that they are doing updates and adding new options on their website which is good for all customers.

Once I selected the order I wanted to purchase and before I buy it I messaged the live chat support to ask some questions and to see if it was a real person like before chatting with me and if they were answering fast, for my surprise I got a answer close to instantly and it was again a real person chatting with me not a bot like most of boosting websites have.
I’ve also asked to customer support for future reference if I wanted to add the extra option for the booster to play specific champions what I needed to do, the customer support explained me that to turn the option on I will have to pick a minimum of two roles and 3 champions for each role and in case I want the booster to specifically play mostly one champion I should add it in my order notes and would be followed.
The customer support answered all my questions and was super nice to chat with me making me feel really comfortable doing a purchase on their website.

After chatting with live chat support I decided to make my purchase, right after doing the purchase I received an email confirming my order and notifying me that I would receive another email once they assign a booster to my order, that email was received 3m after I did my purchase meaning that the booster was already assigned to my order, the time it took to assign a booster was super fast.

After I got my order assigned I messaged again the customer support asking if I was able to keep track of my order or chat with the booster that was assigned, support gave me all the instructions to have access to my members area where I could do all that since I wasn’t able to log in on the website with my credentials.
Once I logged in to the website to access my members area I had a chat box to talk with the booster, the chat was giving me an error and asking to refresh the page, I’ve asked to customer support what was that issue and he told me to refresh the page that it would be fixed which I did and worked.

Once it got fixed I had already a message from the booster notifying me that he was the booster assigned to my order and to make questions if I had them, the booster during all the process was super polite and always online to answer to my questions, I’ve asked him how long would take him to finish me order where he said he would finish the order in the same day.
The booster didn’t failed to do it and kept his word, the order was completed in a couple of hours and I was being updated after each game of the progress even though I could have checked on my members area whenever I wanted.

The booster performances was insane. It was easy to see that the player doing my order was a confirmed Challenger player even when the team was all losing the booster managed to win the game with always a lot of kills, I’ve learnerd a lot while spectating all the games and the booster even gave me some tips since he was playing one of my main champions.
The order took around 5h to be completed and since the booster claimed my order he played non stop till completion which I appreciate it a lot.

I will classify my full experience with eloboostleague.com in 4 points:
Communication: – 4 out of 5 – From customer support to the booster the communication was great, they always answered all my questions instantly and super nice guys to talk with, had a minor error on the chat box with the booster but it was fixed instantly.
Booster performance: – 5 out of 5 – Booster performance was insane, won all the games he played on my account, always having high kills and carrying his team, the boosters are confirmed Challenger players.
Speed: – 4 out of 5 – My order was instantly assigned after I did my purchase and the booster completed the order like he mentioned on the chat box ” In the same day”
Price: – 5 out of 5 – The prices are incredibly cheap for the boosters they have and the quality of the service.
During my journey finding the best boosting website, I can say that eloboostleague.com was the best website I’ve come across, from their super well done website to their workers and customer support, everything felt great, I feel that they really care about not only the order but also providing the best service and experience for the customer and for the prices they give you I was amazed on how good the service is.
I’ve tried a lot of boosting websites and most of them have a bot answering your questions or when it’s a real person the answers are really vague and you don’t feel safe buying from them, while eloboostleague.com have a great customer support always ready to answer your questions and help in everything you need.
To anyone that wishes to purchase boosting order to your account I can recommend 100% this website, you won’t regret purchasing from them and every penny you spend is completely worth.