“Deceiving and unprofessional service”


Next site I decided to put to the test in my journey of finding the best elo boosting site was proboosting.net. This service has been up for a couple of years now and I expected to be pleasantly surprised after completing the process.

In this review I will present my experience with proboosting and hopefully aid you in your decision if you were wrongfully considering hiring them.

The website itself is cluttered, slow and advertises other businesses apart league of legends related services.

After deciding and selecting the order I had in mind I noticed that they also had a drop menu where you could select the amount of LP currently on the account you wanted to hire them for. That menu served no purpose and the price of a division boost from 20 LP or 80 LP was the same. I later asked the customer support why exactly was there such an option in the order area if it served no obvious role.

They told me that they used to charge accordingly to the LP on the account, but they don’t that anymore, which begs the question of why keep the feature if it’s not working as intended?
Even though I was feeling played I still went ahead and ordered and began waiting for my booster assignment and order start.

After a couple of hours a booster got assigned and asked if I could change the order roles from support/jungle to mid/adc. I didn’t accept and I told him one of the reason I ordered was to watch a pro level support hard carrying. He ended up dropping the order and since it didn’t get assigned after a few more hours I went to sleep.

The next day I saw another booster get assigned to my order and he assured me that he was a support main and he’s going to play the roles I selected. The member area didn’t live update the games or progress of the boost and every time I would come to my page I wouldn’t see any games played.

I contacted the customer support, but they were not answering, so I figured the booster was just eating or was going to start later. After a few more hours passed and before going to sleep I checked again. There was still no progress and I wanted to email management but before I did that I logged off the website account and in again.

After doing that I could see that my order has been completed which surprised me and disappointed me at the same time.
I wanted to spectate and see how challenger players carry as support but thanks to their fault system I was unable.

The booster played well, but he was duoing for most of the games and they duo carried. I just wish the booster could have played a few more champions other than mainly Soraka.While Soraka might be good in high elo where you know your ADC is decent I think in low elo more aggressive supports are better and fitted more my style.

I will now rate my experience with proboosting in the following categories:

Performance 3 out of 5 stars The booster played well and won most of the games but he did it almost entirely as Soraka with a duo booster, not really something that I had in mind or that I can replicate in solo queue.

Speed 2 out of 5 stars Took a while for my order to be assigned and started but once it did the boost was completed rather fast even though I couldn’t see it due to their site issues.

Communication 2 out of 5 The customer support was very late in replying and the booster didn’t type at all after the start.

Price -1 out of 5 Not only did they have one of the highest rates currently on the market they also had the deceiving current LP issue right on the main order page.


In conclusion, I was disappointed with the overall service quality and feel of the service.
Everything from the deceiving LP option to the AFK customer support, slow assignment speed and especially the failure to live-update the member area made for a very underwhelming experience.

The decent booster performance alone can’t really make me recommend their service to anyone who is looking for a high quality professional league of legends boosting service.