“Professional & affordable”


During my journey of finding the top elo boosting sites I came across vital-elo-boost.com. It’s a relatively new website and after hearing good things about it in a forum thread I decided to test their quality and express my opinion.

In this review I will talk about key points relative to my experience with this business and hopefully help  you make an educated choice if you were considering hiring their service.

One thing that caught my eye right away was the modern looking website. It had a pleasant theme with high quality assets and art. Navigating the site I could definitely notice the attention to details and the smoothness of its page transitions. The order area was one of the best if not the best I’ve seen. It had a very intuitive panel with easy to choose options allowing me to effortlessly select my desired order.

Like always I  contacted support before finalizing the purchase and the staff  was quick to reply and had a fast and professional answer to all my inquiries.

I went ahead and ordered expecting a very fast assignment like I’ve been told. Unfortunately there were some delays to the order assignment and I didn’t get a booster on my order for a while. After a couple of hours I decided to ask for an update from the customer support but their chat panel was saying that no one was online and offered me the option to email. I send an email and I logged off for the day the since I felt like I wasted enough time already waiting on a booster to start playing.

The next day I logged on the site and noticed that my members page had my order as completed and after a quick op.gg check I could see that was indeed the case.

My order was assigned and completed by the time I woke up, unfortunately without me being able to  spectate or ask any questions to my booster.

I checked the games on op.gg and the booster had a pretty good performance in most of them, but he also had some questionable ones which were unexpected in bronze elo from a master booster.

The order was completed very fast both due to the booster skill and the fact that my account had high mmr which caused the account to skip the promo entirely.

I will now classify my experience with vital-eloboost in the following categories:

Performance – 3 out of 5 stars – The booster won most games performing as expected. He also had some questionable matches and even though positive overall I expected slightly more from someone claiming to be master.

Speed – 2 out of 5 stars – The assignment process took way longer than told thus I was unable  to spectate or chat with the booster.

Communication – 3 out of 5 stars – The customer support staff was very professional and quick whenever I could talk to him but sometimes he would be disconnected and It was not possible for me to have a live chat session all the time.

Price – Price 4 out of 5 stars – This characteristic is one of their strong points. They had attractive rates which from my experience accurately reflected the value of the service.


In conclusion, I was pleasantly surprised with this service quality from a site relatively new on the scene. Starting with the well-made modern website to the fast and professional customer support  and the positive booster performance I was mostly satisfied with my experience with vital-eloboost.com.

Although it had its flaws I can easily recommend vital-eloboost.com to anyone who is looking for an overall positive boosting experience at an affordable price.