VALORANT is known for requiring exceptional aiming and precision, but beyond the primary weapons in its vast arsenal, there is an unwritten code of conduct that players are expected to adhere to.

For instance, if you purchase a Judge shotgun and camp in a corner to get a pick, your teammates will consider it trolling, while your enemies will deem it cringeworthy.

Recently, a user by the name of u/Tsunora took to the VALORANT subreddit to question why there is a stigma attached to using “unusual” weapons such as the Bucky, Ares, and Odin.

Tsunora argues, “These weapons are part of the game, so I quite don’t understand how it is a problem to not play Vandal or Phantom. Why is Stinger/Spectre fine, but not Bucky/Judge/Ares? I understand the frustration with the Odin, but that’s just a skill issue on my part. I think people get angry because they’re used to mid to long-range fights and don’t like it when someone plays differently.”

The highest-rated response at the time of writing dismissed the stigma as a “low elo thing to cry about guns.”

According to u/UsnDoto, “Odin is fine on certain agents and maps (such as Ascent Sova). Shotguns are perfectly viable options for half buys. Stinger was the most meta gun and is still well-appreciated. Guardian, Marshal, Specter, Hares, and Bulldog are all fine for half buys/bonus rounds and after winning pistol.”

Ultimately, with the game’s economy structure and Riot Games’ continuous balancing of VALORANT’s supporting weapons, there is a certain equilibrium that the developers are striving to maintain. However, for those players who choose to use unconventional weapons like the Bucky or Ares in save situations or during gun rounds, expect to face backlash from others in the lobby.

Valorant enthusiasts believe that certain weapon choices can lead to negative reactions from other players, irrespective of skill level. For example, using the phrase “Odin go brrr” to describe the Odin gun selection can incite frustration among opponents. While the game emphasizes precise aiming mechanics and accuracy, using weapons beyond the traditional options comes with its own set of unwritten rules.

Buying a Judge and camping in a corner to get a kill is often seen as trolling by teammates and as cringe-worthy by opponents. Recently, a VALORANT player on Reddit wondered why there’s a stigma associated with using “unusual” weapons such as Bucky, Ares, and Odin. While acknowledging the Odin’s potency, the player argues that people get annoyed with such choices because they are accustomed to mid to long-range battles and dislike deviations.

One commenter suggests that the majority of the player base uses the Phantom and Vandal rifles because they are the most versatile and consistent guns. Using shotguns or SMGs puts you at a disadvantage when fighting at anything other than short range. Aries and Odin also have disadvantages in terms of movespeed and fire rate, making them less ideal for long-range encounters. Despite this, dying to less popular weapons should not cause frustration.

Overall, developers strive to maintain balance between the game’s economy structure and individual weapon statistics, and players who opt for non-traditional options can expect to face criticism.