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Season 11 of Legend of Legends has been full of new content and awesome updates, from the starting of the season with all the new Mythic and Legendary Items to Dragon changes, League has changed a lot this season. But now we’re closing to the end, and with the end of the season comes new […]

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Undoubtedly, League of Legends puts your fighting and survival skills to the test, and see how professional you are in this video game. There are lots of playable characters available, known as heroes and each one offers unique abilities, skills, and personalities. Before starting the game, you have to decide your character according to your […]

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After so many years of playing League of Legends, Riot didn’t implement yet a way of you going offline mode in the game. We all know that sometimes you don’t wish your friends to know that you are playing League, you just want to do some solo games without having to give an explanation to […]

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When talking about League of Legends ranked queue, everyone wonders if duo boosting bannable or not. The short answer is – no, you cannot be banned for it. We’ll explain everything about the duo boosting service in this article.   It depends on which service you are looking to get, depending on the option you […]

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Some of the benefits of elo boosting

League of Legends competitive aspect is one of the most appealing traits of the game but sometimes our experience with the LoL’s ranked system can become frustrating thanks to other players. In this article we will show how you can eliminate that feeling by choosing to rank up your account through elo boosting and we […]

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I’m a competitive League of Legends player and like the title suggests I had recently a very positive experience with a service that usually has a stigma around it which after my encounter I think is unwarranted. I’m talking of course about elo boosting and if you are not aware of the term it entails […]

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