“High quality & professional”


Next step in my journey of finding the best boosting service was eloboostleague.com. The website is well-known in the scene and I had high expectations going into this. I’m glad to say they delivered!

In this review I will talk about everything related to my experience with eloboostleague and hopefully sharing my insight will help you make a very easy decision if you were considering hiring them.

Navigating through the website I quickly came to appreciate the quality of assets and art. It had a smooth flow to it and the loading animation between pages was a very sleek touch.

The order menu was well-made and intuitive thus I could promptly select my order details.

Before I proceeded ordering I contacted customer support to ask a couple of questions. I was definitely satisfied with the speed of communication and their answers.

I went ahead and ordered a net win boost and was hoping to have a booster assigned in a reasonable timeline. I was originally told it would take around half an hour for a booster to be assigned but almost instantly after my order got placed I received an email that a booster has been assigned.

It couldn’t have been more than 2 minutes and the booster already messaged me and told me he was about to start.

I selected specific champions for the booster to play but after spectating I could see that he didn’t respect them, so I asked the support staff why.

They quickly replied and informed me that I didn’t add any additional options to my order which after double checking I could confirm even though I could have sworn I selected.

I asked if I could add the option at that point and they told me yes and I just had to tip the booster the extra amount which worked out.

The next game the booster played the champion requested and answered every question I had about him in between games.

He performed very well, as expected from a challenger player and he was also professionally updating me on the games played since the website live-update function was having some issues that caused the games be shown with delay in the member area.

I contacted the customer support inquiring about it and even though they got back to me after a while they told me that they were doing maintenance at the time and that it should be fixed shortly which later happened.

The booster won every game completing the order in a couple of hours and I was very pleased with the outcome and the speed of the process.


I will now classify my experience with eloboostleague in the following categories:


Performance – 4 out of 5 stars – The booster did great, won every game in a convincing manner, I could tell that he was actually high elo not only from the KDA but also from the vision and map control.

Communication – 4 out of 5 stars – The support staff and booster were both professional and fast. They answered and solved almost every inquiry I had with minimal wait time, was very pleased with their service.

Speed – 4 out of 5 stars- The order assignment was done almost instantly and the completion was handled in a couple hours. Together with the answer time I appreciated the urgency they treated my order.

Price – 4 out of 5 – The rates were certainly attractive and considering the overall quality of the service I would say it was a steal paying that for such a premium service.


In conclusion, I was very impressed with the service quality on eloboostleague.com. From their modern smooth website to their professional customer support/booster to the speed and performance displayed all at such modest rates.

I tested many different businesses in this field and I could safely say from experience this service was the best I’ve encountered so far and will be my gold standard as i progress through my journey of finding the best elo boosting site.

I will definitely employ their assistance again in the future and as my journey for the perfect service continues I can fully recommend this website to anyone who is looking to hire a professional high quality and fast service on a low budget.