“Messy & overvalued service”


In this review I will talk about my entire experience with elo-boost.net from my first impression with the site and customer support to the booster performance and speed to the overall professionalism of their entire business and why exactly I was left with an underwhelming feel when it all ended.

This website is one of the more popular ones out there in the elo boosting sector and one day I decided to see for myself just how good their service truly is.

As soon as I opened the site I could definitely tell that it’s outdated and poor made. The loading time was sluggish and the ordering area was missing an actual purchase button which meant you had to click on the payment option making it not intuitive at all.

purchased order

Before I purchased I messaged the customer support to ask a few more questions and although they were fairly quick to reply their message and tone felt very robotic and scripted. After I got answers for my questions I went ahead and ordered but since I forgot I didn’t finish my placement games on that smurf account I ended up being refunded even though I wanted for them to just play how many games they could with the amount given… it’s just served to delay the service and just made me waste time reordering.

Immediately after completing payment process I got forwarded to the member area where I had to set up my entire account information for the website and then actually give the logs for the booster which I found a bit weird and unsafe. Not long after I was assigned to a booster who greeted me with a very obvious scripted message. He then started to play shortly having decent performances for the first couple of games, but then he started losing a few and that got me worried a bit because the manner in which he lost them was not exactly challenger-like to say the least.

member area

I was curious about some of his item choices and asked him a couple of questions about Xin Zhao because I personally play that champion too. He politely answered and even though I didn’t agree with some of his points because some pros I follow made different choices I appreciated the availability and informative tone.

lost games

After 4 or 5 games he didn’t answer me for a prolonged time and the member area boost status was not showing him in game so I’ve contacted the support staff to ask if my booster was done for the day and they told me they were in game but they had a bug with updating data on their website in real time. My booster managed to bounce back from 2 bad losses and completed the order shortly after ending it with another scripted final message.

I will now rate their service in the following categories:

Performance – 2 out of 5 stars – Even though the booster didn’t lose many games the ones he did so he performed pretty bad and even hard fed in one of it, I’m sure he wasn’t even close to challenger level.

Speed – 3 out of 5 stars – I was mostly satisfied with the speed even paired with a couple of losses the booster managed to finish the order in a reasonable timeline but nothing out of the ordinary.

Communication – 4 out of 5 stars – Definitely their strong point, both their customer support staff and booster were polite and most of the time fast to answer only issue I had is they felt a bit too scripted.

Price – 1 out of 5 stars – I was a bit surprised about their rates at the beginning and even more so at the end…Even though it was not an issue personally for the very high end premium charge they ask for their value is way inflated and overrated.


Even if I could ignore the poor made unintuitive and buggy website and focus only on the boost itself I can’t possibly recommend their service to anyone who puts emphasis on high value and performance when ordering such a service.

In conclusion my experience with elo-boost.net was very underwhelming and I’m genuinely surprised at their audacity in asking a premium for such an unremarkable service.