“Disrespectful & unprofessional service”


In my journey of finding the best League of Legends boosting site in 2023, GGboost was next in line to have its business tested rigorously and be given a fitting rating.

In this review, I will talk about everything GGBOOST related as I personally experienced it recently. From their pros and cons to their value (or lack of it), this information should make your decision of choosing or not their service very clear.

purchase complete

Starting with the website GGBOOST didn’t make a good impression, they lacked a buy button and their buggy assets wouldn’t even allow me to see how much it would cost to purchase my desired order.

I had to contact the support and have him help solve the issues, and after a few refreshes I was able to see their prices that made me already skeptical about the website since it was a very big issue one wouldn’t expect from a website like that who is fairly popular.

Shortly after placing my order I got redirected in a less than optimal way to my member area where I had to insert all of my settings and preferences.

After that I was quickly assigned a booster and the speed of the process made me be a bit more optimistic towards the process. In the member area there also was a slight inconvenience: the booster chat message alert was extremely loud and with no button to mute the sound and I had to turn off the page sound.

member area

I asked the booster a couple of questions one of which was if there was a possibility to spectate him using that option from the member area he said that I could indeed do it, but I soon discovered that was not the case.Their replay button was not properly integrated and I couldn’t actually use it.

I asked the customer support for assistance again, and they sent me straight to op.gg which let me think they were used to customers inquiring about their faulty spectate service.

After a while fiddling with settings and visiting multiple websites I could finally start spectating…

The booster performance was decent he had high kda, and he was mostly quick in answering and being available for questions but after a few games he actually asked me if I would consider purchasing more after my order will be done which caught me by surprise since no one actually pressured me in buying future boosts like that and I felt it was of poor taste.

Not too long after the server went down due to major patch content update and the order was to be paused and resumed later on.

confused customer support

The booster told me he would start later in the day which is understandable since he was probably going to sleep.

Later during the evening I messaged him, and he said he was going to start soon but two hours past after, and he didn’t say anything or resume playing and ignored my messages which I found unprofessional.

I would have been ok if he had said something or give me an estimate timeline, but he said soon and then afk’d which prompted me to reassign to a new booster.

That process was actually pretty straightforward and quick, I just had to pause the order and then press the reassign button and a new booster messaged me shortly after assuring me that he was gonna start right away.

The new booster got assigned and started playing almost instantly which I appreciated but then again after 3 games  (1 particularly bad one) he stop replying and disconnected.

I was very disappointed with this development and I contemplated a refund but i gave them another shot and changed booster again…

The 3rd booster finally managed to complete my order and I was happy it was finished. It just was disappointing it took 3 boosters to get 1 division finished…

I will now rate my overall experience in the following categories:

Website Usability – 2 out of 5 stars – The website’s initial lack of a buy button and buggy asset display set a poor tone right off the bat. Despite solving these issues with customer support, the member area was not user-friendly and the loud, unmuteable chat message alert was off-putting. The faulty spectate service also added to the overall dissatisfaction with the website’s usability.

Performance – 3 out of 5 stars – They won most games but one of the boosters hard fed in one of them and I wasn’t particularly impressed with their skill.

Speed – 1 out of 5 stars – Not only they took so much more than 24 hours for a lower elo order they also swapped boosters 2 times and made me lose so much  time.

Customer Support – 3 out of 5 stars – The customer support team was responsive and prompt. However, their assistance seemed more like a workaround for issues that should not have been present on the site in the first place. Their efficiency was commendable, but there is a definite room for improvement in terms of proactive troubleshooting.

Flexibility – 2 out of 5 stars – While GGBOOST allowed me to switch boosters easily, the fact that this feature needed to be used twice in one order was disappointing. The flexibility could have been perceived as a positive aspect if it was not necessitated by the unprofessional behavior of the boosters.

Security – 3 out of 5 stars – No security issues were faced during the boost. My account details were kept confidential and there were no unauthorized activities. However, with everything else falling short, it didn’t add much to the overall positive experience.

Price – 2 out of 5 stars – The rates were not much higher than you would expect from this kind of service, but given the fact the entire service experience was so low quality I can’t see how they could ask for that.

In conclusion, my journey with GGBOOST was filled with more potholes than smooth roads. While there were some positives such as prompt customer service and the booster’s game performance, the negatives outweighed them considerably. The lack of professionalism among boosters, faulty website functionality, and time inefficiency contributed to a poor overall experience. It’s advisable to carefully consider all these factors before choosing GGBOOST for boosting services in League of Legends.