Despite their popularity in competitive League of Legends during season 13, AD carry supports seem to be struggling in solo queue.

Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, and Jhin, three of the most frequently used marksmen in the support role, have achieved incredibly low win rates in Patch 13.4 in Platinum and higher ranks. According to U.GG, their win rates currently stand at 40.13%, 43.06%, and 43.09%, respectively.

Their win rates are so abysmal that they occupy three of the bottom positions in the solo queue rankings, with only Yuumi below them with a 40.36% win rate.

Many League professionals have utilized at least one of these three ADC supports in their respective regions, with Keria from T1 popularizing them in the LCK.

Champions like Caitlyn and Varus are skilled at harassing the enemy bottom lane during the laning phase, but unleashing their full potential necessitates effective communication and synergy, which is difficult to achieve in solo queue.

Riot Games attempted to reintroduce more traditional supports in Patch 13.4 by adjusting several essential support items such as Relic Shield. While traditional supports appear to be regaining popularity in solo queue, AD carry supports are still prevalent in pro play. It remains to be seen if this will change anytime soon.