When talking about League of Legends in 2023 ranked queue, everyone wonders if duo boosting bannable or not. The short answer is – no, you cannot be banned for it. We’ll explain everything about the duo boosting service in this article.

Duo Bot Lane

Duo Bot Lane

It depends on which service you are looking to get, depending on the option you choose, your account will be exposed or get restricted even though the odds are really low since solo option boosting services are using basically all the safest methods to avoid any suspensions on your account.

It is true that there are some risks when you choose to get a solo boost and you have to share your account with another player, but with duo boosting option the risk is absolute zero, you don’t share your account details with anyone and you basically will queue up with another player that is challenger but this player will play with an account on the same elo range than yours.

In addition to the safety and security that comes with duo boosting, there are other benefits to this approach. The opportunity to learn from a higher-skilled player can be invaluable, especially if you’re looking to improve your gameplay. You get to witness firsthand how they navigate their lanes, coordinate with the team, and make critical decisions during the match.

Furthermore, duo boosting can be a lot more fun than solo boosting. Instead of watching someone else play your account, you’re actively participating in your climb up the ladder. It feels less like a service you’re purchasing and more like a cooperative gaming experience.

Challenger level players are well-versed in all aspects of the game and have developed strategies and techniques that can greatly assist you in improving your gameplay. They can teach you optimal warding locations, champion synergies, map awareness techniques, and other crucial skills that can give you an edge in your matches.

Pro players before joining the pro scene have to earn money if they are playing League close to 24/7.

A lot of them used to duo boost other players as a source of income while they were doing the climb to get pro’s. Most of them are well known at the moment around the world as the best players in their region such as Bjergsen, Doublelift and many more.

They worked on a lot of duo boosting jobs because Riot is not able to track it and they can’t ban you or restrict you from duoing with another player so pro players could do it without getting any punishment from it and at the same time getting paid while playing and getting better and better at the game to reach their goal of becoming pro players

Duo League of Legends

Duo boosting doesn’t break any of League of Legends Riot terms of service for that reason Riot can’t ban or restrict your account if you queue up or duo with another player, since that’s basically the same as you duoing with a friend that is the same rank as you, for that reason is 100% safe to purchase a service like this and you won’t have any problem or restriction on your account by choosing it.

For these reasons, it is a really good option to choose duo boosting. Duo boost is the way to go if you’re looking to avoid problems on your account and at the same time get better at the game and improve to climb the ladder faster and smother

Duo queue botlane

We have been testing duo boosting on this website by various websites and services for over 4 years and have never received any warnings or bans on our accounts, neither have we ever heard of anything of such happening.

In conclusion, duo boosting is a safe, educational, and enjoyable way to improve your League of Legends ranking. It does not violate any rules set by Riot and offers a unique opportunity to learn from expert players. Whether you are struggling to climb the ranks, or you want a more secure boosting option, duo boosting is a great choice. Always remember to select a reliable service provider to ensure the best possible experience. So, get ready to duo queue and climb the ladder with confidence and improved skills!