In 2024, solo carrying or boosting will be better in League of Legends 2024 Ranked Season 14 based on the information provided by Riot Games and multiple verified sources. This is the most complete guide to League of Legends boosting changes in 2024.

How so?

In the upcoming 2024 Ranked Season 14 for League of Legends, Riot Games is implementing significant changes to the ranked system that will make solo carrying more viable and rewarding for skilled players. The new “TrueSkill 2” system, developed by Microsoft, aims to address long-standing issues with MMR, LP gains/losses, and smurfing.

Improved Individual Performance Recognition

One of the key changes in the new ranked system is the incorporation of additional factors beyond just wins and losses. TrueSkill 2 will take into account individual player stats such as KDA, vision score, champion mastery, and time spent away from the game. This means that players who consistently perform well in their games will be rewarded more directly, even if their team doesn’t win.

For example, a player with a high KDA and strong individual performance may receive more LP for a win and lose less LP for a loss compared to a player with a lower KDA. This change will encourage players to focus on their own gameplay and make solo carrying more impactful.

Reduced Smurfing and Fairer Matchmaking

Another significant improvement in Season 14 is the effort to reduce smurfing and create fairer matchmaking. Riot is lowering the average placement for new accounts after provisional games to Silver, making it harder for smurfs to quickly climb to high ranks. This change will ensure that players are matched with opponents of similar skill levels more consistently.

Additionally, the new system will take into account factors like premade group sizes and time spent away from the game. This means that players who frequently play in larger premade groups or have long breaks between seasons may be matched differently than solo players or those who consistently play ranked.

Transparency and Clarity

Riot is also addressing player concerns about the lack of transparency in the current ranked system. Many players have expressed frustration with the hidden MMR system and the discrepancy between LP gains and losses. In Season 14, Riot aims to provide more clarity on how the new ranking system works and how individual performance affects LP gains and losses.

Increased Rewards for Skill Improvement

With the implementation of TrueSkill 2, players who consistently improve their skills and perform well in games will climb the ranks faster. The system will be more responsive to individual skill level, meaning that players who put in the effort to improve will see more tangible progress in their rank.

This change will make solo carrying more rewarding, as skilled players will be able to elo boost the ranks more efficiently based on their own performance, rather than being held back by less skilled teammates.

Get started!

The upcoming changes to the ranked system in League of Legends Season 14 are designed to make solo carrying and league of legends boosting more viable and rewarding. With the implementation of TrueSkill 2, individual performance will be recognized more directly, smurfing will be reduced, and matchmaking will be fairer. Players who consistently perform well and improve their skills will be able to climb the ranks faster, making solo carrying a more effective strategy in the new season.