Every Apex Legends player has at some point faced boosted gamers, who are incomparably less skilled than the usual player of that rank. You may have heard well-known streamers comment on players they easily defeat by saying, “Damn this guy is boosted” or “Is this guy boosted or something?” In the Apex Legends community, enhanced players are typically associated with criticism. However, we think that boosting may enhance every player’s performance in a variety of ways. In this post, we’ll list all the ways that boosting in Apex Legends can make you a better player.

If he plays your favorite legend in the game, you can take use of this feature for a free coaching session. In all likelihood, you will be seeing a booster defeat opponents that you were unable to defeat, rather than a pro player streaming on Twitch. The major advantage is that you’ll learn a variety of strategies that boosters employ to routinely and effectively sweep games. You will become a much better player as a result of watching your booster, so buckle up and start taking notes.

The ability to team up with your booster and begin trashing games with them is the second useful option that boosting websites provide. Aside from witnessing the booster destroy your opponents, the main advantage is that you’ll be able to voice chat with him and pick out a lot of helpful mechanics and strategies that boosters employ to win games more quickly. Furthermore, playing with your booster is considerably more enjoyable than waiting for your account to reach the desired rank. Last but not least, knowing that your partner is someone whose goal it is to dominate Apex Legends games will allow you a lot of freedom to play more aggressively and freely.

You’re just as good as the players you’re playing with in Apex Legends, just as in real life. You’ll start to absorb and use some of their good gameplay practices if you play every game with players who are good at the game or simply better than you.

Once you’ve been promoted to a higher rank, you should challenge yourself and approach every game with a winning attitude rather than being intimidated by playing against more skilled opponents. Every game should be viewed as a new opportunity for learning because both you and your opponents may teach you a lot of new strategies. Pay close attention to how the players portraying your favorite legend use their special powers and navigate the map. If you’re worried that you’ll be a burden and a liability for your team, choose Lifeline and you’ll be helpful without even trying. Take your time and observe every move your teammates and opponents make during the course of your games.

You’ll feel that you’ve improved with your favorite legends and have a better understanding of the game after playing at higher elo for a while. Time may be needed.

We’re quite lucky that Apex Legends has an integrated voice chat feature that makes it easier for us to connect with our colleagues in-game. If you’re a player who has been boosted and is surrounded by other players who are much more skilled than you are at the game, this function can be extremely helpful. You only need to be silent and listen at that point. You’ll be astonished at how much you can pick up by paying attention to your colleagues’ instructions and advice. Keep your voice chat on even if you’re getting flamed, and keep learning new things. After a while, you’ll begin acting in accordance with your colleagues’ instructions without giving them a second thought.

If you compete in Apex’s higher levels of competitive play, there is a good chance that you will be invited to join multiple Discord servers with other top-tier Apex players before and after each game. The most obvious advantage of playing on those sites is the opportunity to frequently chat with seasoned gamers who can reveal some of their insider tips for reaching their present rank. You may join their Discord channels, where they share their screens with you, and use that as another platform for learning the game. You may also request a private coaching session with one of the top players on the server. You never know, you might even strike up a conversation with one of the e-girls who frequently hang out on sites like those.