The game developers at Riot Games have promised to focus more on updating champions in League of Legends, ensuring that players can expect more quality updates moving forward.

In a recent Quick Gameplay Thoughts release on March 6, the developers explained that they aim to place more emphasis on “patch work,” which involves targeting specific champions and making changes that improve their overall feel when played.

The article further elaborated that there have always been two approaches to changing champions in League of Legends: tweaking their stats to buff or nerf them, or spending more time on a particular champion to solve more complex issues.

“We’ve always had both types of work in our toolkit, but we’re placing more emphasis on patch work specifically for buffs right now,” the developers stated. However, they also noted that the updates won’t result in significant changes that players will immediately notice.

As a result, players should anticipate small but impactful buffs that enhance the feel of a champion, rather than dramatically altering their performance.

Riot Games has already revealed that Pantheon and Azir will be the first champions to receive this style of update in Patch 13.5, set to release on March 8. The changes were previously added to the PBE servers, with Azir receiving significant tweaks to almost every ability to lower his competitive prowess and increase his win rate in solo queue. Pantheon, on the other hand, will receive updates to his basic stats, Q, and E abilities.